Do the Ends Justify the Means?

Have you heard the Machiavellian quote, “the ends justify the means?” I have always (apparently naively) assumed that people understand that a government that operates by this philosophy is dangerous for democracy. Further, I have also always assumed (again, naively), that the people who are elected and run OUR government, simply won’t adopt such a philosophical approach to governance, because the rule of law is fundamental to our country’s creation and continued existence.

Obviously, I have been very naive. The  fear of an illegal immigrant population taking over the United States (which fear has seemingly swept our country), has given rise to a new Machiavellian approach to our local government and law enforcement policies. To the extent the local government sets up procedures that comply with federal and state law, no one has any reason to complain. But, if the folks we entrust with enforcing the law don’t even blink at the concept of breaking the law (and can, without even a blush, flatly lie about it when they are called out on it) in order to reach what they feel is a justified end, then the country I have grown up knowing and respecting has no hope of survival.

Luckily, my firm is not afraid to confront such injustices when I see them. Call us if you need help today.